J. Brent Morris teaches, writes, and lectures on slavery and antislavery in America.  He is Assistant Professor of History at the University of South Carolina Beaufort and Director of the NEH teachers' institute "America's Reconstruction: The Untold Story." He received his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 2010, and has been awarded recent grants or fellowships from the Association for Documentary Editing, the University of South Carolina Institute for Southern Studies, the University of South Carolina Institute for African American Research, Cornell University, Oberlin College, the New York Humanities Council, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.  His book Oberlin, Hotbed of Abolitionism: College, Community, and the Fight for Freedom and Equality in Antebellum America was published by the University of North Carolina Press in 2014. He is also the author of Yes Lord I Know the Road: A History of African Americans and South Carolina, 1526-2008, forthcoming from the University of South Carolina Press.  He is the author of twenty articles, reviews, and encyclopedia entries that have appeared in the New York Times, Civil War History, the Journal of African American History, Southern Studies, the South Carolina Historical Magazine, The World of the Civil War: A Daily Life Encyclopedia, the Encyclopedia of Slavery in the Americas,and Encyclopedia of the Early Republic and Antebellum America.  Brent was the 2010 recipient of the South Carolina Historical Society's Malcolm C. Clark Award, given annually for the best scholarly article appearing in the society's journal.

J. Brent Morris, Ph.D